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Tonight's chat~!


Here's tonight's chat, complete with our OOC idiocies. :D (Please note that the chat starts out OOC.)

Hakai no Migite - Full Metal Alchemist Guy
FullmetalToaster - Al
tehdarkneko - Winry (and Martel for a short while)
Witch Lamia - Roy
CSakuraS - Scar
chikky2k5 - Lust
Yoh Luvs Oranges - Envy

tehdarkneko: OMGNO!!!five!!111 *slaps hands over butt* I DON'T HAVE A TATTOO >__>
FullmetalToaster: LET'S FIND OUT. STRIP!
Hakai no Migite: :O
Witch Lamia: *glady takes his clothes off*
Yoh Luvs Oranges: XDD
CSakuraS: O_O
Hakai no Migite: OMG ROY WTF.
FullmetalToaster: *secretly takes pictures*
CSakuraS: (so are we suddenly IC now?)
Hakai no Migite: ((I don't know. o.O))
tehdarkneko: (I suppose we should be?)
Witch Lamia: *has a gigantic sign over his penis that says VOTE FOR ROY*
FullmetalToaster: (...I hope not XDD)
Witch Lamia: FOR FUHRER
Hakai no Migite: ((ROY FOR FUHRER!!!))
CSakuraS: roflol
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [XDDd]
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [*XDD >> << >>]
Witch Lamia: msut make icon of that now
Hakai no Migite: ISHBAL SUCKS. D:
Witch Lamia: are we RPGING? son confused
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [i think so ^^;]
Hakai no Migite: ((Somehow we are! I don't know how it happened!))
Witch Lamia: (ah XD)
CSakuraS: It was not always this way... *broods*
FullmetalToaster: I'm full of sand ;_;
Hakai no Migite: >.>
Hakai no Migite: Hey, Scar. Do you know anything about a certain red stone?
Witch Lamia: >>; Will someone please prevent the giant talkign statue from sinking?
CSakuraS: *clutches arm* Nothing! >(
FullmetalToaster: ...Statue? ;____; *runs away crying*
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [XD]
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [...i'm not sure what to do *hides*]
Hakai no Migite: ...Oh reall- SHIT! AL!!
CSakuraS: ...The more he moves, the more he's going to sink
Hakai no Migite: *runs after Al*
Hakai no Migite: AL STOP RUNNING!!!
FullmetalToaster: I DID! *stuck in sand*
CSakuraS: *explodes the sand*
Hakai no Migite: ((Lust is coming~!))
FullmetalToaster: (Yay!)
CSakuraS: *sand goes everywhere*
Witch Lamia: *walks before everyone into....QUICK SAND +D*
Witch Lamia: *walks before everyone and falls into quick sand?*
Hakai no Migite: >.> I could have done that.
FullmetalToaster: Thank you :3
CSakuraS: *everyone is blinded except for a certain someone who wears sunglasses*
Hakai no Migite: AGH!
CSakuraS: mwahaha
CSakuraS: I got your head in my hand >D
FullmetalToaster: I wish I needed sunglasses D:
Hakai no Migite: *transmutes sand in eyes into... eyedrop solution stuff!*
CSakuraS: O.o Guh?
Witch Lamia: sorry brb
Hakai no Migite: HAHA! >D *escapes Scar somehow*
chikky2k5 has entered the room.
FullmetalToaster: Don't kill Niisan! T_T
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [CHIKKY! :O]
FullmetalToaster: (HI)
chikky2k5: (hey
chikky2k5: )
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [*waves*]
chikky2k5: *sitting high on a ledge watching*
Hakai no Migite: Yeah, listen to Al, Scar! Don't kill me!
Yoh Luvs Oranges: *is... standing behind lust omg :O*
CSakuraS: I will do what God wills me to do!
chikky2k5: (scar would so say that)
FullmetalToaster: God isn't a very nice person.
Hakai no Migite: But that will mean Al will lose his Niisan!! :O
CSakuraS: ...........
Hakai no Migite: >D
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [XDD]
Hakai no Migite: ((I WIN.))
chikky2k5: *jumping down* Now Scar do you really want to destroy my key to success?
tehdarkneko: [Damn Chopstick parodies make me imagine Scar carjacking Al's "Nissan"]
CSakuraS: ((ROFLOL))
FullmetalToaster: (NO! MY NISSAN!)
CSakuraS: *turns around* Who are you?!
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [...i've got brainlock >_O i'm sorry. ._.]
Hakai no Migite: ((I LIKE NISSANS.))
chikky2k5: I am Lust
CSakuraS: *looks her up and down* I can see that. What do you want?
FullmetalToaster: (SCAR/LUST OTP)
CSakuraS: ((XD))
chikky2k5: For you to stop threatening my key to success...
Hakai no Migite: Hey! What am I, some sort of tool?!
CSakuraS: What 'success'?
CSakuraS: *points to Ed* YOU BE QUIET!
Hakai no Migite: *flips Scar off*
chikky2k5: Well, I was told to stop you if your tried to hurt him and yes Ed-kun I want something that you want just as badly
Hakai no Migite: ...
Witch Lamia: Roy: Raises hand *i'm alive*
Yoh Luvs Oranges: *is... still on the roof o_O watching*
Witch Lamia: *sets everyone one on fire because tehre is too much mayhem and he can't take it*
Hakai no Migite: AARRRRGHHH!!!
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [...envy needs to get down there and toture someone >> << >>
Yoh Luvs Oranges: ]
Witch Lamia: That's better...
Witch Lamia: *ignoring all small people*
chikky2k5: *stops the flame*
FullmetalToaster: That wasn't very nice ):
Hakai no Migite: *transmutes clothes and makes them un-burnt BECAUSE HE CAN*
chikky2k5: No it wasn't and I would advise the colonel to keep his business his own...
Witch Lamia: And screw you too...<<;
FullmetalToaster: ...He burnt my loincloth! O_O
Witch Lamia: *sees Al's metal penis* O________O
chikky2k5: (XD!)
Witch Lamia: (SHOCK!)
FullmetalToaster: This is so embarassing TwwT *hides*
CSakuraS has left the room.
Hakai no Migite: ((PAUSE FOR A SEC))
chikky2k5: (awww our scar left)
CSakuraS has entered the room.
Witch Lamia: (Pauses)
FullmetalToaster: (HI AGAIN)
Hakai no Migite: ((OKAY UNPAUSE))
CSakuraS: ((My internet sucks I'm so sorry!!))
CSakuraS: ((What did I miss?))
Hakai no Migite: ((Al's metal penis.))
chikky2k5: (it's okay)
CSakuraS: ((UH?))
Witch Lamia: (I burn his loin cloth)
Hakai no Migite: ((Roy burnt EVERYONE, not just Al's loincloth.))
CSakuraS: ((...k...did Lust say anything?))
chikky2k5: (no I didn't)
Hakai no Migite: ((What was the last thing that happened before your internets went weird?))
chikky2k5: (except for me)
CSakuraS: ((I told Ed to be quiet))
Hakai no Migite: ((Okay, I flipped you off and then Lust said "Well, I was told to stop you if your tried to hurt him and yes Ed-kun I want something that you want just as badly" and then Roy burnt everyone.))
Witch Lamia: brb
chikky2k5: (okay I really have to go study... I have two huge tesats tomorrow.... gomen-ia)
chikky2k5: (ai*)
Hakai no Migite: ((Aww, okay... ;_;-))
CSakuraS: ((is Winry even here?))
Hakai no Migite: ((*kills emoticon*))
FullmetalToaster: (Aw ): Have fun!)
tehdarkneko: (I am, but I'm not really supposed to be in Ishbal, so... XD;;-)
Hakai no Migite: ... *automail breaks randomly* OH NO!!
CSakuraS: ((ahh, okay, I'm getting people confused))
tehdarkneko: (XD)
chikky2k5: (sorry... just my study's are more important)
Hakai no Migite: ((Yes, we understand. :D))
CSakuraS: ((So Lust is leaving?))
Hakai no Migite: ((Yes. : ( ))
CSakuraS: ((Umm))
FullmetalToaster: GASP! We must contact Winry through our telepathic mind link O:
CSakuraS: Behold! THe wrath of GOd!
chikky2k5: (sorry... I have to go)
Hakai no Migite: ((Envy can transform into Lust!!))
Hakai no Migite: ((Bai Chikky! :3))
tehdarkneko: (S'okay, we'll have another one <3 Byeeee)
CSakuraS: ((Bye!))
FullmetalToaster: (Byeeee)
chikky2k5: (bai!!!)
chikky2k5 has left the room.
CSakuraS: *approaches menacingly*
Hakai no Migite: ...SHIT.
CSakuraS: *cracks knuckles*
CSakuraS: *SCOWL*
FullmetalToaster: I'LL PROTECT YOU, NIISAN <3
Hakai no Migite: Uh... LOOK IT'S THE FLAME ALCHEMIST!!!
Hakai no Migite: *points to Roy*
CSakuraS: That will not work on me Edward Elric!
Hakai no Migite: -_-
Hakai no Migite: But... don't you want to kill ALL State Alchemists?
CSakuraS: You're first because you piss me- GOD off!!!
Hakai no Migite: See, I made a promise that I wouldn't die before the Colonel does... so...
tehdarkneko: ...*comes up in a tractor driving all crazyful...hitting Scar.*
Hakai no Migite: Uh...
CSakuraS: ........ow
Hakai no Migite: YEAH WINRY!!!
FullmetalToaster: Yay!
tehdarkneko: Ed~~~! Idiot! You forgot your stupid oil and you KNOW the sand will get in it and break it! Jeez! I had to drive this thing into the desert! XP
Hakai no Migite: I'm NOT A FEMALE!!!
CSakuraS: ((XD Omg))
Hakai no Migite: ^^;; Thank you, Winry...
FullmetalToaster: Hi Winry! :3
CSakuraS: ARGH! *attempts to blow up a sand dune when suddenly arm goes all red and glowy and crazy*
CSakuraS: ((Omg I try to create plot! =-O))
Hakai no Migite: ((OMG!!!)
tehdarkneko: (Plot...of DOOOM)
FullmetalToaster: ...I need a new loincloth D:
Hakai no Migite: Hey, that's red like the Philosopher's Stone!
Hakai no Migite: :O
CSakuraS: What...this is...NO!
CSakuraS: *keels over in pain and something starts to emerge from said sand dune*
CSakuraS: *something very very big*
Hakai no Migite: I bet Scar DOES know about - HOLY SHOT WHAT'S THAT?!
Hakai no Migite: ((Uh, typo there.))
CSakuraS: *it's a...frickin' lost civilizations OMG COOL*
Hakai no Migite: ...That was... uh...
Hakai no Migite: ((This chat makes about as much sense as canon!))
CSakuraS: ((Random cool things yeah~! I don't know where this is going))
tehdarkneko: (It's like Dante's underground, except it's in Ishbal! XDD)
FullmetalToaster: (It does! We're so talented :D)
Hakai no Migite: Scar, what did you do? *glare*
Hakai no Migite: I thought you could only destroy using alchemy, not create.
CSakuraS: I...don't know *stare*
FullmetalToaster: Well that's nice but I still need a new loincloth.
Hakai no Migite: *gives Al his cloak*
CSakuraS: *Uhh, SUDDENLY! There is a creepy voice! Woooo~!*
FullmetalToaster: Thanks :D <3
Hakai no Migite: <.<
CSakuraS: ((Stop me if I'm messing this up too much XD))
Hakai no Migite: ((XD It's all right!))
tehdarkneko: *jumps and hides behind Ed n' Al* I.... I think there's something there...
Hakai no Migite: WHO'S THERE?!!
FullmetalToaster: *puts on the cloak* I'll never wash my armor again TwT
Hakai no Migite: ((It's... ENVY!!!))
CSakuraS: ((OKAY!))
Hakai no Migite: ...What the hell does that mean?
CSakuraS: ((Elricest oh noes!))
FullmetalToaster: ...>>
Hakai no Migite: ((:O))
tehdarkneko: ((Mm, Elricest *_*))
FullmetalToaster: (;-))
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [o.o]
CSakuraS: ((This is all so WTF))
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [...i'm just reading it XD]
Hakai no Migite: ((Yeah.))
tehdarkneko: (At least it's interesting, to say the least X3;; )
FullmetalToaster: (Yay for random plot!)
Hakai no Migite: ...Where did that damn Colonel go?
FullmetalToaster: (We could make our own anime :O)
Hakai no Migite: ((WE COULD))
CSakuraS: ((He got lost in the ancient ruins!))
Hakai no Migite: ((OH NOES!!!))
CSakuraS: ((Something dragged him in there!))
FullmetalToaster: (IN YOUR PANTS)
Hakai no Migite: Should we go find the Colonel...?
FullmetalToaster: (...That too)
FullmetalToaster: ...Nah
CSakuraS: *still keeling over with pain*
Hakai no Migite: *doesn't care!*
CSakuraS: ...Niisan...
CSakuraS: ((So does that mean Scar's exempt for the time being?))
FullmetalToaster: Oh no! Poor Scar D:
FullmetalToaster: (He can lie on the ground and twitch :D)
Hakai no Migite: Al, don't worry about him.
CSakuraS: *twitch*
FullmetalToaster: Why not? ):
Hakai no Migite: Because he's a murderer!
FullmetalToaster: But he's nice! ...when he isn't killing state alchemists
CSakuraS: *twitch twitch*
Hakai no Migite: Which is never?
FullmetalToaster: Well he isn't killing any right now
FullmetalToaster: ...And he's twitching
CSakuraS: *pitiful moan*
Witch Lamia: sorry i really ahve ot finish this be back later
Witch Lamia has left the room.
Hakai no Migite: Al... he's on the ground twitching.
Hakai no Migite: ((OKAY!))
tehdarkneko: Al, if it makes you feel any better, I'll bandage him or something.
FullmetalToaster: I think we should do something... twitching isn't good.
CSakuraS: *extra twitch for emphasis*
tehdarkneko: But only if you and Ed are there with me! I don't want to be alone with a murderer.
FullmetalToaster: Okay! Thanks Winry ^w^
Hakai no Migite: >.> Winry, you don't... ah, whatever. Do whatever you want, I'm going into the ancient civilization.
FullmetalToaster: Niisan! Don't go in alone!
Hakai no Migite: ...Why...?
FullmetalToaster: It might be dangerous
Hakai no Migite: ...
FullmetalToaster: ...
Hakai no Migite: I can handle it.
FullmetalToaster: But... hey, where did the homunculi go anyway?
FullmetalToaster: What if they're in there?
FullmetalToaster: ;_;
Hakai no Migite: I can handle homonculi.
FullmetalToaster: No you can't.
FullmetalToaster: I'll go with you!
Hakai no Migite: Al... Gluttony is a freaking crossdresser, I think I can handle them by myself.
Hakai no Migite: You have to stay with Winry.
FullmetalToaster: But... ;___;
tehdarkneko: Maybe you should find Mustang-san first, Ed...
Hakai no Migite: >.> I don't care about him.
FullmetalToaster: He's mean. ):
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [... *crickets*]
CSakuraS: ...just do something for crying out loud! *passes out*
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [wait XD]
tehdarkneko: Don't you keep extra ones in your foot, Al?
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [my scrollbar screwed up]
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [again >_O]
Yoh Luvs Oranges: [i hate aim]
FullmetalToaster: Oh yeah! :D
Hakai no Migite: Should I get one out?
tehdarkneko: [Meep D: I hate when that happens @@;]
FullmetalToaster: Okay
Hakai no Migite: All right. *gets loincloth out of food* ...Uh, okay, it's pink, but...
CSakuraS: ((Omg there's an ancient lost civilization in front of them and they're pulling loincloths out of Al's foot...xD))
FullmetalToaster: ...You bought me a PINK loincloth?
tehdarkneko: [And you're wearing it in the first opening, too XD]
Hakai no Migite: I didn't buy it!
FullmetalToaster: Then who did?
Hakai no Migite: Did someone give it to you as a present?
FullmetalToaster: (Really? *goes to look*)
Hakai no Migite: ((*eyes Scar*))
tehdarkneko: Aah, me. I thought pink would be cute on you, Al ^^;
FullmetalToaster: ...
Hakai no Migite: -_-;; Winry...
FullmetalToaster: T_T
tehdarkneko: W-what? ^^; Ahahah...
Hakai no Migite: ((PAUSE FOR A SEC))
CSakuraS has left the room.
CSakuraS has entered the room.
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CSakuraS: ((So did you guys go anywhere?))
tehdarkneko: ((welome back))
tehdarkneko: ((we're still loinclothing))
Hakai no Migite: ((LOINCLOTHING XD))
CSakuraS: ((wtf XD))
Hakai no Migite: ((But we lost Al NEVER MIND!))
CSakuraS: ((Umm.))
tehdarkneko: ((Loincloths are a very interesting subject! Ed should wear one.))
Hakai no Migite: ((OMFG MENTAL IMAGES))
Hakai no Migite: ((:O))
Hakai no Migite: ((*twiddles thumbs* :/))
FullmetalToaster has entered the room.
tehdarkneko: ((wb~))
CSakuraS: ((So now we have Ed, Winry, Scar who is passed out, Envy who is not there, and YAY AL IS BACK!))
Hakai no Migite: ((OKAY CONTINUING!! :DDD))
FullmetalToaster: (Hi)
Hakai no Migite: Well, it's either this pink one or the purple one that says "Love, David" on it... Wait, who's David?
CSakuraS: ((WTF?))
Hakai no Migite: ((Someone shoot me. XD))
FullmetalToaster: O_O
FullmetalToaster: Uh... Idon'tknow!
tehdarkneko: ((David = Scar! O:O:-))
FullmetalToaster: (SCAR/AL :D)
FullmetalToaster: I'll wear the pink one >_>;;;;
Hakai no Migite: ((I like Scar/Al :O))
Hakai no Migite: Okay, good.
CSakuraS: Scar who is passed out on the ground: I have nothing to do with it
Hakai no Migite: Wait, I mean, not good, but it's better than the other onw.
Hakai no Migite: *one
FullmetalToaster: (Suuuure ;-))
Hakai no Migite: ((Right, we believe you, Scar.))
CSakuraS: ((...wait, Al with a pink loincloth?))
tehdarkneko: *sigh* Well, with that problem over, we need to do something.
Hakai no Migite: ((Yes. XD))
Hakai no Migite: Let's go into the civilization and leave Scar to rot! :D
FullmetalToaster: (Al is sexy in pink)
CSakuraS: Scar who is passed out on the ground: Nobody loves me :-(
FullmetalToaster: Poor Scar! ;_;
Hakai no Migite: ((AL LOVES YOU!!))
FullmetalToaster: Can we bring him with us?
CSakuraS: ((Al's love shall bring him back to life!!!!! ...or not))
Hakai no Migite: What the... NO. That's even worse than wanting to bring a cat.
CSakuraS: ((Mental image: Scar stuffed in Al's armor*
CSakuraS: ))
FullmetalToaster: (ARMORSEX)
Hakai no Migite: ((XD))
FullmetalToaster: But we can't just leave him here
Hakai no Migite: ...Yes we can.
tehdarkneko: Al can carry him with us, can't he?
FullmetalToaster: No we can't! You're so mean T_T
FullmetalToaster: See? AT least Winry's nice <3
Hakai no Migite: ... >.< Fine, whatever, I don't care.
FullmetalToaster: Yay!
tehdarkneko: I'm going too, then. *grabs toolbox*
Hakai no Migite: ((WTF someone voted "Scar-sensei's house (...not so innocent)" in my poll!))
Hakai no Migite: ((OMG IT WAS DC/LAXCHINE.))
Hakai no Migite: *sighs* All right, can we go NOW?
tehdarkneko: Okay
FullmetalToaster: Yup :3
FullmetalToaster: *shoves Scar into his armor*
Hakai no Migite: Scar, you better not try and kill us anytime soon, now.
Hakai no Migite: ((XD))
CSakuraS: ((*bursts out laughing*))
Hakai no Migite: ...That's the most disturbing think I've ever witnessed, Al.
CSakuraS: Scar who is passed out and stuffed in Al's armor: 'Tis cramped.
FullmetalToaster: What?
Hakai no Migite: Don't touch the bloodseal!
Hakai no Migite: You better not do anything to my brother!!
FullmetalToaster: I don't think he's going to be moving much anyway
Hakai no Migite: I'm just making sure.
CSakuraS: ((Omg!))
Hakai no Migite: Okay, let's go now! *enters civilization finally!*
FullmetalToaster: *follows*
tehdarkneko: *does, too XD*
CSakuraS: ((...umm. CHIMERA ATTACK!))
Hakai no Migite: Wait, it's just Martel.
Hakai no Migite: ((...))
FullmetalToaster: Martel!
CSakuraS: ((ok?))
Hakai no Migite: ((Who plays Martel? XD))
tehdarkneko: Martel...? *eyes warily*
FullmetalToaster: ...What's she doing in a random lost civilization?
Hakai no Migite: Uhh...
Hakai no Migite: ((I'm not playing Martel, I play too many characters. D:-))
Hakai no Migite: ((That's not relevent at all, but still.))
CSakuraS: ((I gotta go now, so I'll leave it to you guys to figure it out >D))
Hakai no Migite: ((OKAY~!))
CSakuraS: ((Mwahaha))
CSakuraS: ((BYE!))
FullmetalToaster: (D: )
Hakai no Migite: ((BAI!!))
FullmetalToaster: (BYeeeee)
tehdarkneko: (X3;; Byeee~~)
CSakuraS has left the room.
Hakai no Migite: ((Someone play Martel please? D: ))
tehdarkneko: ((Eenie-meenie-minie-moe...))
FullmetalToaster: (Not me. I'd have to talk to myself a lot)
FullmetalToaster: (XB)
tehdarkneko: ((I landed on me, anyways XD; ))
Hakai no Migite: ((XD))
Hakai no Migite: ((OKAY~!))
tehdarkneko: What are you doing here?!
FullmetalToaster: That's what I was about to ask you
Hakai no Migite: Yeah... *suspicious glare*
tehdarkneko: You aren't supposed to be here. How did you get in?
FullmetalToaster: What is this place?
Hakai no Migite: Scar went insane and this popped out of the ground.
Hakai no Migite: ((Scar: I'm not insane! [Okay, I'm not playing Scar. D:]))
tehdarkneko: ((He's unconscious anyways XD; ))
Hakai no Migite: ((I figured that. XD))
FullmetalToaster: (And being molested by Al)
Hakai no Migite: ((OMFG XD))
tehdarkneko: ((If he's 'inside' Al, isn't he the one molesting?))
Hakai no Migite: ((But he's unconscious. D: ))
FullmetalToaster: (It would be if he wasn't unconscious)
FullmetalToaster: (*he)
tehdarkneko: ((Aha.))
FullmetalToaster: (SCAR IS AN IT)
Hakai no Migite: ((AN IT?! :O))
Hakai no Migite: So where the hell are we?
FullmetalToaster: (In your pants)
FullmetalToaster: (...>>)
tehdarkneko: I'm not allowed to say. It's dangerous here, you should leave.
Hakai no Migite: ((:O))
Hakai no Migite: Um... I think we can handle it.
FullmetalToaster: But... tell us~ ;_; *puppy eyes*
Hakai no Migite: Yes, listen to Al.
tehdarkneko: ...
tehdarkneko: I don't know the details.
FullmetalToaster: Then tell us the non-details?
Hakai no Migite: Tell us what you know.
tehdarkneko: Some of them, the homunculi, they're plotting something.
FullmetalToaster: Oh no! O_O
Hakai no Migite: Okay, tell us something we don't know.
FullmetalToaster: Is it bad?
Hakai no Migite: Is it bad... Al, are you listening to yourself?
FullmetalToaster: (Al is a bit slow XDD)
FullmetalToaster: Well.. They COULD just be making muffins!
tehdarkneko: ((XDD))
Hakai no Migite: ...I highly doubt it.
tehdarkneko: ...No muffins.
FullmetalToaster: Aw ):
Hakai no Migite: Okay, what else?
FullmetalToaster: ...I can't eat muffins anyway
FullmetalToaster: T_T
Hakai no Migite: You'll be able to eat muffins someday, Al!
FullmetalToaster: Yay!
Hakai no Migite: Okay, so, Martel... any more information?
tehdarkneko: I'm not allowed to see them much, because I'm only working for Greed, but they've been coming in and out of here a lot.
FullmetalToaster: You can do it, Niisan! *waves Ed flags*
Hakai no Migite: Okay... *thoughtful Ed pose* so...
tehdarkneko: Greed won't say anything...but I think he's planning on sabotaging their plans and doing it...or taking it...for himself. I don't see any other reason why he'd be going along with them.
Hakai no Migite: ...Do you know their specific location?
Hakai no Migite: Right now?
tehdarkneko: *shrugs* The underground is big. Sometimes I see them coming in and out, but usually I just hear from Greed that they've been here. I think some of them are in here somewhere right now, but I wouldn't know where.
FullmetalToaster: *stands in a corner and looks cute(while secretly molesting Scar)*
Hakai no Migite: ((XDDDDD))
Hakai no Migite: Do you have any more information that may be helpful to us?
tehdarkneko: No, that's all I know.
Hakai no Migite: Hmm... Well, thatks, you've been a big help anyway.
Hakai no Migite: *thanks
tehdarkneko: Eh. You still should get out of here. If they catch you...
FullmetalToaster: Niisan, maybe we can help Greed if he's trying to stop the others.
tehdarkneko: I don't think he's going to stop them; he's going to steal their plans and use it for himself. That's his personality, so that's what I bet he'll do.
Hakai no Migite: ...Help Greed? But Al, he's probably trying to stop them for his own evil plans...
Hakai no Migite: Exactly.
kitkat9347 has entered the room.
Hakai no Migite: ((We have an audience~!))
FullmetalToaster: ...But we don't even know what they're doing
FullmetalToaster: (HI O:-)
FullmetalToaster: *O: )
kitkat9347: (( ^_^ ))
Hakai no Migite: ((Basic rundown: Scar made some ancient civilization appear and the homonculi are plotting stuff.))
Hakai no Migite: ((YAY))
kitkat9347: ((ahh))
Hakai no Migite: Whatever they're doing, Al, it can't be good.
Hakai no Migite: ((And Scar is unconcious in Al's armor.))
kitkat9347: ((how odd ^^))
FullmetalToaster: (And Al's molesting him)
Hakai no Migite: ((YEAH))
kitkat9347: ((lolll))
tehdarkneko: It isn't. And I'm not going to stick around you three and get killed...Good luck. Bye. *slithers off into some other part*
FullmetalToaster: ...Bye? D:
tehdarkneko: ((yey, back to being Winry instead XD;; ))
Hakai no Migite: ...
Hakai no Migite: ((YAY)
Hakai no Migite: Though... we may have to team up with Greed... that should be a last resort, though.
FullmetalToaster: Then what are we going to do?
Hakai no Migite: Well... they're obviously here somewhere, so we should go looking for them, I think.
FullmetalToaster: But Martel said this place is really big
Hakai no Migite: So it'll take a while...
Hakai no Migite: ...
Hakai no Migite: Hey, Winry...
tehdarkneko: Hm?
Hakai no Migite: Do you know how to make a sort of heat-detecting-machine?
Hakai no Migite: We could use that to track where the Homonculi are...
tehdarkneko: I suppose I could, but it might take time...and I need materials...How big would you need it?
Hakai no Migite: It doesn't matter, as long as it has a fairly large tracking range.
tehdarkneko: Okay.
tehdarkneko: I'll need you to transmute some pieces to make it faster, but if I dissemble the tractor, it might have the proper pieces needed....
tehdarkneko: Al, give me your chalk, I'm going to draw out a blueprint.
Hakai no Migite: Great. So let's set up camp outside the civilization for now, until it's all ready.
Hakai no Migite: ((Wow, this is actually kind of sane now.))
tehdarkneko: ((X3;-))
Witch Lamia has entered the room.
FullmetalToaster: *molesting Scar with the chalk* What? OwO
Hakai no Migite: ((XD THANK YOU))
Witch Lamia: O________O
Witch Lamia: Must have missed a whole lot
Hakai no Migite: Hey, there's the Colonel!
kitkat9347: ((loollllll))
FullmetalToaster: He's alive!
Hakai no Migite: Where the hell did you go?!
Witch Lamia: <<; shut up gnome
Witch Lamia: A walk
Hakai no Migite: GNOME?!?!
Hakai no Migite: A WALK?!????
Witch Lamia: *was stalking mini skits*
Witch Lamia: *ignoring* so, shall we continue.
Hakai no Migite: No, we're setting up camp.
FullmetalToaster: There were people in miniskirts in Ishbal?
Witch Lamia: Oh good. Set up my camp ground, Fullmetal.
Witch Lamia: Yes, there were...*and it was good*
Hakai no Migite: ((Quick run-down: Scar made ancient civilization appear, we pulled loincloths out of Al's foot, Al put Scar in his armor, we went into the civilization, met Martel, found out that the Homonculi are plotting something.))
Hakai no Migite: Why should I set up YOUR camp?!
kitkat9347: ((lol wish id been there for the loinclothes))
FullmetalToaster: (One was a present from Scar)
Hakai no Migite: ((I'll post the entire chat on the community when it's done. :3))
Witch Lamia: Because I hae buisness to do.
Hakai no Migite: Yeah, right.
Witch Lamia: Are you questioning mE?
Hakai no Migite: Uh, yes, in fact, I AM.
Witch Lamia: Go figures. Well go do it, now. *leaving him*
FullmetalToaster: ...*goes back to Scar molesting*
Hakai no Migite: Whatever, I'm setting up OUR camp, you can sleep out in the open.
Hakai no Migite: *transmutes a tent out of... something...*
Witch Lamia: *kicks Fullmetal in the ass*
Hakai no Migite: OW! HEY!!
kitkat9347: ((Fight!! Fight!!))
Witch Lamia: (damn I nee dot make myself DINNER)
Witch Lamia: When I give you an order you will do it!
Hakai no Migite: NO WAY.
Witch Lamia: ......................Way.
Hakai no Migite: Whatever! Go away, you're annoying me!
Hakai no Migite: ((:D Now you can go make dinner.))
kitkat9347: ((siigh i need to do the same. x.x c ltr))
Hakai no Migite: ((Bai~!))
FullmetalToaster: (Bye)
kitkat9347: ((bie nd thx for the laffs)) :D
kitkat9347: *rabid fangirl waves goodbye*
kitkat9347 has left the room.
Witch Lamia: *snap* *sets ed on fire in a thousand burning constant flames and transmuste a really beautiful camp ground for himself, goes inside and goes to sleep*
Witch Lamia: (going to make dinner =D )
FullmetalToaster: Niisan! O_O *jumps on Ed to put out the fire*
FullmetalToaster: (Yeah... just to put out the fire... sure ;-))
Hakai no Migite: AGH!! *buried under combined weight of Al and Scar*
FullmetalToaster: (OT3)
Hakai no Migite: ((XD))
Hakai no Migite: ((And Winry's just sitting there watching. XD))
FullmetalToaster: (And taking pictures to sell on eBay)
tehdarkneko: ((*hides camera* Huh? =D;; ))
Hakai no Migite: ((XDDD))
Hakai no Migite: *muffled* Al... please get off me.
FullmetalToaster: Sorry! *gets up*
Hakai no Migite: ((Random: Take my poll, even though it's not for this RPG! :D http://www.livejournal.com/community/mugenjou_high/8757.html ))
FullmetalToaster: (Okay :D)
Hakai no Migite: *sits up* Thank you. *fixes clothes*
Hakai no Migite: *with ALCHEMY, DUH*
Hakai no Migite: Agh... I think I'm going to go retire for the night. All this being set on fire has worn me out.
tehdarkneko: *yaaaawn* I'm tired, too. ((*quickly puts EdxAlxScar photos on ebay*))
FullmetalToaster: ...I should take Scar out now
Hakai no Migite: ...Yeah, that might be a good idea.
FullmetalToaster: *puts Scar's pants back on before taking him out* >>;
Hakai no Migite: ((XDDDD))
Hakai no Migite: *transmutes a HUGE comfy bed* >D
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