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Hagane no Kokoro

aka Fullmetal Alchemist Crack

10/26/04 08:02 pm - hakai_no_migite - YO~SHI!

Okay, the chat is ON RIGHT NOW!! If you would wish to join please IM me at Hakai no Migite. :D

10/25/04 12:19 am - hakai_no_migite - ALL RIGHT!!

Okay, from the few responses to the last post, I think that AIM would be our best bet.

HOWEVER~! People haven't been giving me definite times (except csakuras, thank you I love you come to Bryn Mawr), so I'll just suggest something and you all can either go "YEA" or "NAY"!!!

How about Tuesday at around 8 pm EST? :/

Also, please comment with your screenname if you will be participating. (Ed's screenname is "Hakai no Migite." ^^;;)

Thank you~! ♥

PS: Chikky and Garnet, we need you desperately please!! ;_;

10/24/04 10:52 am - hakai_no_migite - RP notice!

Okai u guyz!!111! </stupid net-speak> We need to revive this RP!! D: SO! Here's the plan! Let's all meet online and do this BIG chat with everyone! We used to do them in the old Yu-Gi-Oh! RP I was in last year, and they were fun, so... yeah.

So, let's schedule one, at least to start off. Please comment to this post with when you're most available to chat (and please say what time zone you're in to make it easier for me to figure out). Also, please say whether you would prefer using AIM or MSN messenger. (I think that AIM would be best, since it can be used on pretty much all systems. And I know that our Roy, for example, can't use MSN.)


10/19/04 05:28 pm - umeko_pyon - RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

Okay, so we found out the english episode titles (on the fm_alchemist community) and most of us have expressed our opinions.

And personally, I think mine are better.Collapse )

Please don't stone me to death kthx.

Crossposted to fm_alchemist.

10/15/04 02:18 pm - hakai_no_migite - Another RPG! :O

Heyy, I just wanted to let everyone know of another RPG that honoo_no_taisa is organizing! It's a High School RPG and you can play any anime character, as a student or teacher or whatnot... I'm playing Ed there too because I'm lame and unoriginal. :((( (Ed as a modern-day sixteen-year-old boy, oh noes apocalypse. D:)

If you're interested go look at the three most recent entries in witchlamia! :3

10/13/04 07:47 am - umeko_pyon - Random post by ME ♥

So, I'm going to my high school anime club today. :DDD (Please note that I am in college. I'M A LOSER!! :DDD)

My brother is the club's vice-president or something (like I was before him! *wipes away a tear*) and he decided that since I'm coming to the club and I'm SO special because I'm one of the Legendary Original Members and I have a Silver Watch, they should watch Fullmetal Alchemist to celebrate. (Of course, I'M the one who has to walk all the way to school carrying my laptop because it's their only means of watching it.) My immediate response was, "DON'T WATCH EPISODES ONE AND TWO!! That would be a bigger waste of an hour than the time we watched Hikaru no Go episodes one and two!!!"

He kind of looked at me strangely and asked, "Well, then what episodes should we watch?"

"Episodes three and- wait..." I paused to think. "Episodes three and five!"

HAW HAW HAW!! I posted this here because I found it amusing but I thought that most of my flist wouldn't get it. :((((

(PS- Apparently the current president of the club has only watched the Chopstick subs. I heard that and was like, "Okay, who chose this moron to be presi- oh wait, that was me.")

Crossposted to fm_alchemist.

10/8/04 09:32 pm - _lustywench_ - OMG CHARA CHANGE! AGAIN!

Hi. xD This is Yui-chan, saying that... OMG I will be changing characters AGAIN. >D

Chikky and I decided that she's going to be Lust. xD And I, if it's okay, would like to be Elysia ^o^-


10/7/04 05:51 pm - umeko_pyon - ...Actually, it's a PAINTSHOP PRO edit.

Um, yeah... I decided that I should do a photoshop edit manipulate an image using Adobe® Photoshop® software. Except... well... Guess which anime I combined it with? No fair looking at my icon!!

I combined the two anime which should never be put together. Ever.Collapse )

The original image...Collapse )

Someone kill me now.

Crossposted to fm_alchemist.

10/7/04 05:36 pm - midnight127

>D I'm surprised that no one's done this yet...
FMA 20 Fics/Fanart/Drabble challenge.

=3 It's for fun, but, it'd be nice if something replied to these challenges.

[X-Posted in various FMA comms.]

10/7/04 08:25 am - nefariousgreed

(ooc)Im posting for the plain joy of posting! weee... and i wanna see ep 51 already >_< ok people dun give me spoilers!
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